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S-FORM Boiler Scaffolding

Development Overview

Boiler Scaffolding has been developed meeting the safety standards of the Industrial Safety and Health Act through the project "Development of scaffolding system for exclusive use of boilers" by the 5 power generation companies (KOMIPO, KOSEP, KOSPO, EWP, Korea Western Power).

Unit Scaffolding Type

It is a folding type scaffolding made of Aluminum Alloy to provide users’ working decks for inspection and maintenance of power generation boiler. Truss height adjusting device and reinforcement unit are applied to improve safety and save installation time with minimizing bending moment and sagging value.

Pendant Type

It is a pendant type scaffolding to improve safety and save installation time and costs of entire scaffolding process. By modularization of the suspension scaffold for the work in the furnace, all floors’ unit scaffolds can be inter-connected through opening with split type rope joint installed in each floor.


BS-500MW, BS-800MW, BS-1000MW