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Outside formwork that helps time reduction, structural accuracy, safety, and convenience to the site especially for high-rise building.
Gang Form means large-sized Formwork used on the structure of the same up and down surface, manufacturing scaffold cage for installing and disassembling external wall Formwork, plastering and decorating as an integrated system. it is taken to prevent thoroughly outer wall’s frame quality of apartment and general building from arising
and consecutively construct framework and following finishing work of high-rise building with equal quality.
As the part except for outer wall Formwork, it means the part to be connected with gang Formwork, being composed of scaffold, safety rail and etc. necessary to perform safe Formwork installation & disassembly, following plastering & decoration and etc.
Gang Formwork can guarantee vertical and horizontal accuracy of frame, superior connection quality between panel and panel with reduced decorating work and improve construction quality and structure performance of frame, holding temporary construction of worker.
Because it is simple and easy way to use, non-experienced worker’s participation ratio to work is high, which it reduces labor costs. Post process costs like chipping are also saved due to superior concrete construction.
Construction waste occurring in the conventional CONSTRUCTION TYPE can be suppressed minimizing the use of the limited resources like veneer board and timber. Aluminum panel is environment-friendly product possible to reuse.