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Are you afraid of the claims in downtown area?
With S-Form’s Hi-tech Form, there is no worry about the claims any more.
Hi-tech Form applies drop down system to aluminum Form, which is system Form to solve noise problem in installing and disassembling it, which is the demerit of aluminum Form. Because of its reduced noise compared to former one, it helps constructors to prevent from receiving civil complaints while doing their job in downtown area. That means your construction work in downtown area would be much easier.
 By minimizing limited resource using such as veneer board and timber, it suppresses construction waste occurring
 in existing construction method and also, it is environment-friendly system Form that aluminum panel can be reused.
 It succeeds to existing AL-Form’s merits (because pin connection between main beam and slab panel is possible,
  concrete’s exposed surface can be managed)
 Because support’s distance is 1350x1800(2400), wide working space can be ensured, which accelerates wall Form
 disassembling speed and also, safe working is possible.
 Because it can be easily used, non-experienced worker’s participation ratio is higher that existing aluminum Form, which reduces labor expenses. Because its concrete construction quality is excellent, post-process cost is reduced.
 In installing slab panel, by minimizing connection pin’s interconnection, it reduces noise occurring in connection
 pin’s interconnection and also, its installing and disassembling work speed is 15% faster than existing Al-Form
 (it reduces the number of slab connection pins by 70% compared to existing AL-Form)
 By applying drop down system to existing Al-Form, it reduces noise occurring in installing and disassembling
 slab panel by 90% compared to existing AL-from.