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We are willing to share the experience with the potential customers who have been looking for efficient and
safe aluminum formwork system approved by various industrial and residential construction and civil engineering projects.

Established in 1985, also known as Sammok, S-FORM has contributed excellent formwork system services
to industrial and residential construction and civil engineering sectors in South Korea.

The 60 Percent of Domestic market share represents our outstanding reputation in products and services approved through the customers’ experience. One of the evidence is that our manufacturing factory has been the sole one
which is not only equipped with the production lines for melting raw materials to Bar coding finished products
but also recycling maximum use formworks for environment protection.

Our factories which mainly produce aluminum formworks occupy 280,993㎡ (=69.43Acre) and produce 250,000㎡
(= 5,250 tons) per month. This is the biggest aluminum formwork factory existing in the world and now we have exclusive export lines to meet the increasing demand of overseas customers as of 2012.

We operate overseas corporates in Brazil, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam and
agent offices in Saudi Arabia to meet overseas customer satisfaction and now the volume
of overseas sales has begun to grow rapidly.

S-FORM would like to introduce its heritage of aluminum formwork system for your
esteemed company which has been thinking of better solutions for industrial and residential
construction and civil engineering projects that would be a representative by itself.

We promise to make you be fulfilled with superior, substantial, and special experience
with us. Thank you very much for your consideration and cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,