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Q: How much is annual production of Al-Form? 
A: Our company has the highest production among the al-form companies existing in the world.
     The company which mainly produce aluminum forms occupy 280,993m2 and produce 250,000m2 per month.
     And it will be increased as of this march, with a new factory.

Q: What is a advantage of Al-Form? 
A: Aluminum form not only saves the costs, but also reduces working time. Also it’s so easy to use A-form.
     Even if a worker is a beginner, he can be a professional in site after simple training. In addition,
     since most of the form works are made of aluminum, no pollution would be occurred by the product.
     It assures us safety in working environment.

Q: How many days will it take to delivery Al-form after requesting? 
A: Normally, it takes 4 weeks for consulting floor plan, and takes 3 weeks for drawing, and 6 weeks for production.

Q: What kind of material do you use to make Al-form? / What material is it made of?  
A: The type of A-form is A6061-T6. This product should facilitate processing procedure and familiar
     with corrosion and cold working.

Q: What’s the weight of material per area(m²?)  
A: 53lb(24kg) per square meter.

Q: What’s the material of the coating?  
A: We use Enamel resins to coat the forms.

Q: How long can it be used?  
A: We can use it more than 120 times.

Q: How get it repaired after use?  
A: How get it repaired after use?

Q: How many M² can the experienced carpenter assemble it during a day(8hrs)?  
A: About 50 square meter.

Q: Which part should be commence for the assemble?  
A: Wall corner Wall panel Beam panel SL EB,MB,PH DECK

Q: How long should we wait to dismantle wall & slab after concrete casting?  
A: It differs on temperature, about 1 day for Wall & half a day for Slab.

Q: Which method would be used for outer wall construction?  
A: Mostly by steel made gang form or Aluminum form. Steel gang form & Climbing system
     for super high building.

Q: How about the scope of technical support?(floor & period)  
A: Until 1st floor finished or 3 month.

Q: What’s the load weight?  
A: Six tons per m²

Q: Which support is used? And load weight?  
A: Steel support (one point five tons)
     Aluminum support (two tons)
     Hi-tech support (three tons)

Q: Could you explain how to use Hi-tech Support?  
A: It is used for drop down system, top of the part as prop head can be easily moved down for
     dissembling A-Form slab from ceiling. It is convenient, and decreases the noises in the site.

Q: How much does it cost per ㎡ and weight?  
A: It’s so hard to tell you the exact cost, because it’s not fixed. Each of our products are different from site
     to site, and The designs and the number of accessories are different from site to site.
     To give you a simple answer, in South East Asia, for example, it is 170~180 $ per square meter.

Q: What is the use of kicker in stair?  
A: It set up win the bottom and the upper part of wall panel instead of level wood in stair.
     That is anchor bolt hole in the kicker. So it can control space level after concrete casting.

Q: Would you please, explain about the stairway system?  
A: String board - this is a side panel of stair. It makes it easier to set up part of step panel and tread board.
     Step panel- it is assembled vertically in plane of the stair. It is connected with the tread board.
     Tread board- it has two holes to check if the concrete casting procedure is well finished.
     And it will be used to cover the stair case as a cap. Special space – it will be set in the inside of
     small empty space of the stair landing.